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Dedicated to giving our clients opportunities of a life time while connecting them to the movers and shakers in various professional sectors

Management Consulting


Our clients experience the day to day advisement from a network professionals with a combined 50 + years of experience... 

Booking Consulting


Our clients are exposed to booking opportunities world wide... from showcases, award shows, cruises, conferences, festivals and much more... 

PR/Marketing... Promotions


We extend a great deal of resources in the area of PR/Marketing and Promotions to our clients to include eblasts, social media campaigns, radio promotions, magazine features, television features and more... 

Our Network...

Triune Productions Group
Triune Global Publishing
Triune Ministries of Atlanta
Triune Performing Arts Academy
Triune Management & Booking
Tri - Satt Sounds Music Group
Triune Records, LLC

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