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Prayzefest Gospel Hour Show

Requested Songs play during times when there are no programmed shows airing i.e.  24/7 Monday thru Saturday... Sunday's are dedicated to programmed broadcasting of inspirational shows from 12am to 12a.  Requested songs are held in cue during times when programmed shows are airing...
please note the system will now only allow the same song to play once per hour to ensure our listeners are able to hear a variety of music throughout the day
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Apostle Dr. T. Jordan aka Pastor T.
Nina Taylor
Quiet Prayze
Adja Amy Dibassey
Apostle Kwame Adu
Shoggy Shoggz
Comedian Aunt Mable
Tony D
Teresa "TK" Kellam
Twanda Black
Angela Greene
Evangelist Frozene Lott Hayes
Yo Auntie's Show
Inspirations Across America
Mike D
Daulton Anderson
Stephanie McDonald
Zak Williams
DJ Val

The Hottest DJ's & Show Hosts

WPGN Radio Atlanta and PGN TV branding some of the best shows in indie radio and tv.  Be sure to tune in 24/7 for amazing music and television broadcast catered with you in mind.  If you have a show that you desire to air on the network be sure to tap the contact us button and one of our producers will contact you asap... We are currently looking for field correspondents so if you've always wanted to be in radio and/or television be sure to contact us for requirements to become a part of the PGNetwork team...


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Apostle Dr. T. Jordan, Owner

WPGN Radio Atlanta
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WPGN Radio Atlanta

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Black Media Pro
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The Urban Inspirations Show

RX Rescue and Relief
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All Nations TV
Big Fella
Urban Inspirations Show
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No Smoke Music

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