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How TIMA Works


The International Music Association "TIMA" is a Global Inspired Artists Movement... Some label the word "Indie" with the stigma of being sub-par... TIMA knows that is not true and is mandated to propel a movement to change "indie" to "inspired"... JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

First and foremost you must become a member of TIMA.  So many times people try to skirt around various processes or look for ways to cheat the systems that have been put in place in different entities when the key to success is integrity.  Do right and you can expect to be done right.  Always treat situations and others the way you desire to be treated and the principles of reaping and sowing will work in your favor.  So, #joinTIMAnow and unleash the true benefits of the platform in your journey... 

In order to gain or maximize the potential of a TIMA Membership one has to engage with all aspects of the platform.  Networking is key.  TIMA is a resource platform so take advantage of all of the resources that are available.

Take a good look at the Benefits section of this site.  There are multiple avenues to enhance a performing arts career but you must engage.  The benefits are available but they are only effective if utilized.

Connect with the referrals in the Directory.  Make yourself known to the radio/tv networks, participate in the shows and various platforms... network with others, collaborate as well.  Look at the Directory as a short cut to those that can help make a difference in your performing arts career.

Be sure to like, follow, connect on social media.  Many of the contacts and resources that are available to TIMA members come because of people being familiar with you and/or connected with you via social media.

One of the things that we've noticed members thoroughly enjoy is the exclusive privilege of voting in round 2 of The Prayze Factor Awards.  Having those exclusive rights has been a highlight of TIMA Members since the conception of the platform.

Another benefit that members seem to enjoy the most is the fact that industry leaders from around the world utilize TIMA's artists referral capabilities to fill roles that they may have in movies, stage plays, cruises, and other areas of performing and creative arts.  When we're looking to refer creatives for gigs we look at our TIMA roster first... 

So be sure you are well connected, engaging and that you are pursuing everything that your TIMA membership affords you... remember, faith without works is dead... make sure you are working every thing that applies to you as a TIMA Member.

*after your registration has been processed, your information package and I.D. will be emailed to you within 24 hours

From Our Founder

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